Malcolm in the Middle's pint-sized star Frankie Muniz is holding out little hope that he'll parlay his lead actor in a comedy Emmy nomination into an actual gold statue next month. "I mean Kelsey Grammer's been nominated 14 times," he points out to TV Guide Online, sizing up his stiff competition. "He almost has as many nominations as I do years in my life!"

"I don't know what [the Emmy voters] were thinking," the modest 15-year-old adds. "I don't think I am a good actor at all. I just yell at my mom and fight with my brothers. That's not funny to me. I have a zero percent chance. I'm not even going."

Of course, Muniz is kidding about that last part. All joking aside, the New Jersey native admits that his nomination is a "very cool" thing. "I know everyone says it's an honor to be nominated, but this really is because I hear they don't really nominate kids."

Although he says he won't be readying an acceptance speech, there is one aspect of the big night that Muniz is busy planning for: E!'s pre-award show fashion skewering. "I wore Kenneth Cole for the Golden Globes, which was very hip because it was all black, but Joan Rivers said I looked like someone from the Mafia," he recalls. "She was making fun of me, but everyone else was like, 'What are you talking about, woman?' Someone should judge her clothes."