Malcolm in the Middle's scene-stealing mom, Jane Kaczmarek, confesses to TV Guide Online that she was wearing a girdle at last September's Emmy Awards and felt somewhat disappointed that her husband,

Bradley Whitford of NBC's The West Wing, hadn't been nominated. But those were just a couple of things that made the event "one of the most unpleasant evenings" of her entire life.

"First of all, I didn't have a ticket," says Kaczmarek, whose Malcolm kudos have included an Emmy nomination as well as a recent Golden Globe nod. "I had hired a publicist, who never got my tickets. So we literally went running up there. We were late because we were talking to everyone on the red carpet. We went from door to door trying to get in, and finally someone with a headset said, 'Yeah, I have a lady here. She says she's a nominee. She doesn't have a ticket.' So, we got in and it had already started."

Kaczmarek's night of a million mishaps didn't end there. "I was both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. I had just bought a girdle from Sears — that's the only place you can get a good girdle anymore — and it was killing me," says the actress, who admits she hadn't recovered her figure since the birth of her second child, son George Edward. "I went to the bathroom, and you can't get back in till the next commercial, which I didn't know. It's bizarre because you can hear stuff going on in there, but they won't open the door.

"It was an odd evening," she adds. "You're surrounded by people you don't know, and you don't know quite what to do."

Kaczmarek says she much prefers attending award shows from the comfort of her own home. "I love watching [on TV] with a girlfriend and a glass of wine, cutting everybody down," she laughs. "Award shows are fun on TV. Being there, I have to tell you they are very, very long."

Despite all the trauma, Kaczmarek is looking forward to Sunday's Golden Globes. For starters, Whitford was nominated this time around and she's back to her slim self.

"I have to admit, at first I thought it was all ridiculous, and then I decided, 'I need to enjoy this," she says. "And that's what I intend to do — enjoy this fully!"