Graham Patrick Martin Graham Patrick Martin

Secrets just can't seem to stay buried on Monday's episode of Major Crimes.

The episode (9/8c, TNT) finds the squad investigating a murder that implicates a foreign diplomat whose daughter Lina (Rima Rajan) was set to wed the victim in an arranged marriage. And as Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) watches Lina's struggle with the truth, he begins to once again wrestle with his own secrets. 

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"Rusty is one of those people who hates to deal with the personal side of his life," executive producer  James Duff  tells "[But] long-simmering questions about Rusty's identity issues are going to be answered. He makes a determination about his future that the squad will have to react to."As you can see in an exclusive sneak peek below, the episode tells Lena's story through Rusty's eyes as he recounts the details to his therapist Dr. Joe (

Bill Brochtrup). It's during their session that Rusty begins to realize how dangerous it can be to not fully accept yourself for who you are.

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"Rusty's identification with Lina helps him move forward," Duff says. "[Rusty's] worry is dramatized by this girl who held on to her secret too long. Because she held on to her secret, people died and people's lives were ruined. The idea that you can live a secret life is just not true. You can live in secrecy, but you never really know who you are, and people are damaged by that."So, will Rusty finally put his secrets behind him? Find out on Major Crimes Monday at 9/8c on TNT. Watch past episodes here.