Maisie Williams has celebrated the milestone of reaching one million Twitter followers by starting her very own YouTube channel. On Tuesday, she debuted her first video series, aptly titled, "Random Moments of Madness with Maisie Williams."

But don't expect the Game of Thrones star to be posting weekly update (she's sort of busy shooting Game of Thrones and otherwise being awesome). "It's not going to be somewhere that I post regularly. It's going to be every now and then to let my creative juices out," she says in the four-minute video.

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Williams also took the time to answer questions from her followers, and revealed that Game of Thrones has made her cry, her co-star Sophie Tuner (who cameos in the video) smells like heaven and that she has a boyfriend, "and that's all we'll say about that," she said.

Check out the full video for more fun facts about Maisie Moo (we'll let her explain that one).