Madonna Madonna

Was there a football game last night? Because it seems as though Madonna's halftime show is the only thing that has everyone talking! We received an outpouring of comments about Madge's performance, and as a result, Super Bowl XLVI is holding steady as the No. 1 most talked-about show in our Social Power Rankings. @Jasdestiny tweeted, "That was the best #superbowlhalftime show in years. Stage was crazy." On Facebook, Jamie Durkin enjoyed the show as well. "I loved the fact that she can still do that at her age. I think Gaga needs to remember who did it first. Madonna was and is the Icon."

Super Bowl Halftime Show: Did Madonna get all your Luvin'?

But not everyone was feeling the love for the "Like a Virgin" singer. @Camicoquin tweeted, "Sad, pathetic, uninspired, ridiculous, lame, boring, silly." Tell us how you really feel! "I've seen Madonna put on one heck of an entertaining show and this one wasn't at all entertaining for me," user Humminbirdy commented.

In our poll, 48 percent of voters thought Madonna was great, while only 15 percent thought she was horrible — and 36 percent of people didn't care either way, they just wanted a performer who didn't lip-sync.

What do you think? Did Madonna kill it, or is it time for the 53-year-old to call it quits?

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