Vincent Kartheiser, Alison Brie Vincent Kartheiser, Alison Brie

Besides booze and chain-smoking, the first thing that comes to mind about Mad Men is likely the spot-on 1960s fashion. And according to Alison Brie (who plays Pete Campbell's privileged wife Trudy), those period-inspired outfits really help the show's females embody their characters.

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"Actors say that once you slip into your character's clothes, you become the character — and that couldn't be more true with Mad Men," Brie tells "You wear girdles and tight clothes you can't really breathe in that make you sit up straight. That alone is kind of oppressive and really makes you feel how these women were feeling at the time."

But despite the fact that it was a grin and bear it time for women, Brie feels that Trudy isn't necessarily like most other housewives of that time.

"I think Trudy is forward-thinking in that she really speaks her mind a lot to Pete. Last season, we saw her really make it clear what her opinions were about [having a baby]," says Brie. "She's definitely always gotten what she wanted, so I think immediately there was a power struggle with Pete. But as we watch her grow, we see she's starting to handle things from a mature standpoint."

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As expected, Brie kept mum about teasers for the new season, but she did share what she would like to see happen with her character.

"I'd like to see her fight back more. I like when she stands up to Pete. I want to see her really lose her sh-t and have a meltdown!"

Well, now that Peggy spilled the beans to Pete that he's her babydaddy in last season's finale, perhaps Trudy will find out and Brie will get her wish to see her character really unhinge.

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Season 3 of Mad Men premieres Sunday, August 16 at 10/9c on AMC.