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Viewers will get even more Mad Men when Don Draper & Co resume business at Sterling Cooper this summer. Or, at least they won't get any less.

AMC said Wednesday that new episodes of the Emmy-winning drama — which are (finally!) set to begin airing on Sunday, Aug.16 at 10 pm — will run a few minutes into the 11 o'clock hour. However, the additional minutes are actually to accommodate extra advertising — and ensure that not a moment of drama is lost.

The news that two extra minutes of advertising would be added caused panic among fans afraid of giving up a few scenes of their favorite show. Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner assured fans in an online chat hosted by the Los Angeles Times last week that he shared their concern.

"The two minutes is troubling and I'm fighting it," Weiner wrote. "I am obviously a huge advocate of advertising and I love the 'madvertising,' but I am fighting the urge to change the show at this time, especially when the financials are meager and the urge to TiVo will just be further encouraged. If you oppose it, I see no reason not to let them know. I will make the best show I can, no matter what, rest assured."

Now, Weiner told Variety that he's pleased with how the addiing of advertising was reolved. "It's wonderful to have partners who can respond to both a business and creative challenge in such a satisfying way," he said.

Mad Men's episodes already had a generous running time of 47 to 48 minutes, which makes the show nearly five minutes longer than most network dramas and a couple of minutes longer than typical cable shows.

AMC has worked with its affiliates to ensure DVRs do not cut off at the original 11 pm ending time. 

So who's counting the days to the premiere?

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