<I>Mad Men</i> Mad Men

Miss Holloway, take a memo:

"Dear client,

Because of our ongoing relationship, I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that according to one of the Hollywood trades, Mad Men's Season 2 finale drew 1.75 million total viewers with its 10 pm Sunday broadcast. That in and of itself represents an 89 percent increase over the AMC series' freshman finale."

[Long pull on cigarette.]

"When including the 11 pm and 1 am rebroadcasts, the finale audience totaled 2.9 million. At the end of the day, this season outpaced the first by 63 percent in total viewers, and more than doubled the delivery in key demos."

[Pensive look out window. Swirl of scotch in highball.]

"You might also be curious to know that Mad Men boasts a stronger concentration of viewers with household incomes of $100,000-plus than any other original scripted series on basic cable.

"But relationships should never be boiled down to cold numbers. Relationships are living, breathing things. Numbers can give us totals, yes, but they can never adequately count the number of blessings we have.

"I hope you always keep that in mind, Mr. Nielsen.

"Looking forward to seeing you next year, Dick Whitman Don Draper"