Jon Hamm, <i>Mad Men</i> Jon Hamm, Mad Men

With critical praise, a growing audience, and plenty of awards, Mad Men is going strong now. But no show is safe from jumping the shark. Here are just a few developments that could end Mad Men's smooth ride:

1. Flash-forward to 1986

2. Season 4 is about Betty's attempts to perfect her three-bean casserole

3. New client: Crocs

4. Theme song is replaced with "Eye of the Tiger"

5. Sally gets speech therapist

6. Joan starts wearing pantsuits

7. Peggy and Pete's baby is Daniel Faraday

8. Costume budget slashed

9. Roger is born again

10. Sal stays in the closet; Don comes out

11. Pete and Cosgrove settle their differences with break dancing contest

12. Not only is Don secretly Dick Whitman, but Dick Whitman is secretly a Russian spy

What other missteps would derail the show?