The Ausiello Report, which first reported the firing on Thursday afternoon, has all of the details - and 144 comments at last count! - so check out the story there. But in a nutshell? ABC isn't picking up the actor's option for next season, and Isaiah is a William Holden fan. UPDATE: Ausiello got some rather illuminating details from Isaiah's rep. Check it out.

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At the risk of being late for my Hostel II screening, I have prepared for you this retrospective:

One Isaiah Washington and one Patrick Dempsey have a to-do over something or another on the Grey's set (10/11/06)

Chandra addresses recast talk (10/25/06)

Ellen Pompeo says things have "calmed down" backstage (12/29/06)

T.R. says Isaiah lied with Globes denial (1/17/06)

ABC calls Isaiah's behavior "unacceptable" (1/18/07)

Isaiah speaks: "I can neither defend nor explain my behavior" (1/18/07)

GLAAD slams Isaiah (1/18/07)

Heigl says Isaiah needs to just "not speak" (1/19/07)

Isaiah axes publicist (1/20/07)

Isaiah enters counseling (1/25/07)

Former cast mate calls Isaiah a "hothead," not a homophobe (1/29/07)

Gay slur may cost Isaiah a pay raise (3/6/07)

Isaiah withdraws name from Emmy race (4/19/07)

GLAAD books Isaiah for pro-gay PSA (5/3/07)

T.R. enters his "blue" period (5/18/07)

Isaiah's rep insists he's coming back (5/19/07)

Ausiello is first with the firing news (6/7/07, 9:51 pm/ET)

UPDATE: Isaiah really is angry, his rep details for Ausiello (6/8/07)