Luis Suarez Luis Suarez

It looks like someone has a Twilight fetish.

Uruguay's star striker Luis Suarez, who helped his team reach the knockout stages of the World Cup by eliminating Italy on Tuesday, is accused of biting an opposing team member.

Late in the scoreless Group D match, Suarez bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini in the arm before tumbling to the ground. This is the third incident in four years in which Suarez is accused of biting someone on the pitch.

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Despite arguments with officials, no penalty was issued. Suarez, who led the Premier League in scoring this season netting 31 goals for Liverpool in 33 league appearances, was suspended for his two previous incidents, once in 2010 and again in 2013. According to ESPN, Suarez could be banned if FIFA, whose regulations allow him to be punished retroactively, chooses to act.

This isn't the first time Suarez has made headlines during a World Cup appearance. In 2010, he deliberately blocked what would have been a game-winning goal during a quarterfinals match against Ghana. The incident earned him a red card and an ejection from the game. After Uruguay won following a shootout, he joked that he made the "save of the tournament."

Suarez has scored 40 goals in 78 appearances for Uruguay since 2007.