Lucy Liu by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Lucy Liu by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Cashmere Mafia may have bit the dust, but ABC really wanted to keep Lucy Liu in the family. So at Thursday's Dirty Sexy Money panel at the fall TV press tour, after months of rumblings, it was officially announced that Liu is joining the ever-growing cast of the Darling family drama. Though details about her character, Nola Lyons, are scant few (we know she'll play an attorney that tangles with Peter Krause's Nick George), Liu will be a series regular. The actress confessed to being a fan of the show since seeing the pilot episode. "It was kismet; it just worked out," Liu said, who sat next to Krause on the panel and exchanged cute little whispers and giggles with him throughout the session. "I feel like we've been caught passing notes," she said. In a session that included many mentions of the words

dirty, sexy, and money, Liu was asked how it felt to turn 40 this year and still be considered sexy. Without missing a beat, she quipped: "Oh, great, now I'm fired." - Mickey O'Connor