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Lucy Liu Books 'Killer' First Post-Elementary Role

Cheating husbands beware...

Lindsay MacDonald

Lucy Liu isn't wasting any time lining up her next gig now that Elementary is officially coming to an end after Season 7.

CBS announced today that Liu would lead the new CBS All Access dramatic comedy, Why Women Kill. Liu will play a character named Simone, who is described as "elegant, stylish, effervescent," and moves through life as if starring in a movie about herself. She thrives on parties and shopping, and her appearance seems to be the height of importance for her. Though she seems to have it all, even a fabulous husband, her perfect little bubble is burst when she discovers that husband is, in fact, cheating on her.

Simone will be one of three women Why Woman Killfocuses on in, each living in a different decade: One is a housewife in the '60s, another is a socialite in the '80s and the final character is a lawyer in 2018. These women are all very different, but they are linked through a common experience: being cheated on by their husbands. (Simone seems to most aptly describe the '80s socialite character, though CBS did not confirm that plot detail.)

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There is currently no premiere date attached to Why Women Kill.

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