Lucifer (Tom Ellis) might be isolated from his friends after reclaiming his hellish throne, but it looks like the Devil is in for a major reunion when the Netflix series returns for its fifth and final season this year. According to Entertainment Weekly, Dennis Haysbert has been cast as God for multiple Lucifer episodes, meaning we're finally going to see the big man upstairs in all of his divine glory.

While we don't know the circumstances surrounding God's on-screen debut, expect major fireworks when he eventually comes face to face with his unruliest son, Lucifer. Haysbert's appearance also reunites him with former 24 co-star D.B. Woodside, who plays God's favorite son Amenadiel in the series.

Everything We Know About Lucifer Season 5 So Far

Lucifer's final run is poised to be a special treat for fans. The super-sized season will consist of 16 episodes split into two parts and see familiar faces like Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) return. Plus, Season 5 will again tap into Tom Ellis' impressive vocal talents with a noir musical episode filmed entirely in black and white.

A premiere date has not been announced.

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Dennis Haysbert, <em>Reverie</em>Dennis Haysbert, Reverie