Question: I love Smurfs, too!

Answer: Then keep reading, Krista! My best friend's cousin's former roommate ran into Charlotte's Web producer Jordan Kerner at a recent event and got an update on the big-screen Smurfs flick that he's producing. "They're going to be a little bit different, in 3-D animation, so we may use new voices, in the same way we did with Charlotte," said Kerner of the hotly anticipated-by-me pic, which is now slated to hit theaters in 2009. "What was a small Smurf village is now Smurfopolis, but it hasn't changed in its character; it's still the little mushrooms that we all remember, but there will be mushrooms stacked on top of other mushrooms in the way that the ingenious little Smurfs would have that happen." He says we'll also learn the backstories of Papa Smurf and Gargamel, and Smurfette is going "to have her world rocked a little bit." I'm so camping outside the Ziegfeld the night before this thing opens. Anyone got a tent I can borrow?