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Love Island USA Recap: The One Where They All Had Babies

Like a Home Ec class in the late '90s

Dalene Rovenstine

Each week, TV Guide is recapping CBS's Love Island USA -- the U.S. take on the U.K. reality show phenomenon. Join us as we break down all the drama between these sexy humans who "packed more abs than shirts" for Fiji, and check back every night for the latest updates.


America, look what we did. We got Aissata and Yamen sent home. But don't worry! They plan to explore their relationship outside the house. Weston tears up about his OG friend leaving (but is it really because he's going to be the No. 1 player now?).

After the exit, Elizabeth talks to Weston about the Thursday night kerfuffle. She says she was mostly upset about his actions and thinks he's better than that. For her part, Kyra says he still doesn't understand what he did.

The next morning, they all hear babies crying. Outside are babies for each couple to take care of like they're a Home Ec class in the late '90s. Zac and Elizabeth get a very colicky baby who cries all the time. Dylan is really excited about being a dad and takes charge at first but tires of it pretty quickly. Caro thinks this stress will make her and Ray's relationship stronger. By midday, I'm concerned these people don't realize these are electronic dolls and not real babies.

The first text of the episode is letting the women of the house know that they get a night out while the men stay home with the babies. The dads do a stroller, diaper, beer-drinking relay race. As Dylan puts it, if these were real babies, they all probably would be put in jail. Zac literally dropped their baby on her head. In the end, they find out that Caro and Ray were the best parents.

We're nearing the end, and Kyra says she's excited to leave and find Cashel and try things again. So, of course, immediately after, she gets pulled aside by Weston. He says he's still really upset. She says she's really upset because he wasn't being genuine; he opened the door to them being a couple and then didn't see it through. She feels like "the other girls" who were second place to him.

At the end of the hour, Weston gets a text: It's the last night in the villa for one couple. Who will it be? Vote for your favorite couples now and tune in Monday to find out who's getting the boot.

​Love Island

Love Island



Different day, same story: Kyra has feelings for Weston. Kyra has feelings for Emily. Weston has feelings for Emily and maybe Kyra? Emily has feelings for Weston and also maybe Kyra? Jered has feelings for Kyra and she could not get farther away from him in their couple bed.

For once, we see actual Fijians. The boys go to a local village to buy produce to make dinner while the girls have a "spa day" where they lounge in white robes and drink mimosas. Kyra takes this time to tell Emily about how she and Weston have always been crushing on each other, which is news to her. Once the boys come back from the market, Emily is cold to Weston. She tells him after their lunch what she learned from the girls. He says he and Kyra are just friends and there's nothing more. Emily says he's making all the past women (Katrina and Kelsey) make decisions for him. He defends his choices on the show so far and says, "I'm obsessed with you." Weston then goes to talk to the girls -- without Emily. He says they threw him under the bus and he doesn't appreciate them talking to Emily behind his back.

America's votes from Wednesday night turn into a game called Poll's Apart. The results reveal what the audience thinks, and it's basically like all of America throws Weston under the bus. He decides after the game that he's going to go home. Zac and Yamen try to get Elizabeth and Kyra to apologize for what they said, but they said they never called him a bad guy, they just pointed out things that he's said and done (that point to him being a bad guy). He goes to talk to Emily about the whole situation. He says he doesn't feel welcome anymore, but she tries to persuade him not to leave.

And now America's votes will determine who is safe. Yamen and Aissata and Emily and Weston are the couples in the bottom and at risk of going home. This time it's not up to the islanders, though, and America's vote sends home... we'll find out tomorrow!

​Love Island

Love Island



It's recoupling time! And the women get to pick. Caro picks Ray, and Elizabeth picks Weston!! Just kidding. She definitely picks Zac. Aissata chooses Yamen, Alexandra picks Dylan. And for the surprises: Emily goes with ... pause for about 10 minutes ... are they going to cut to commercial? ... nope still waiting ... Weston! With Weston gone, Kelsey says she met some amazing people, but she didn't find love, so she's removing herself from the villa. After everyone calms down from that storm, Kyra couples up with Jered. That means that Eric, Kelsey, and Anton are out the door.

To celebrate the new couplings, the Hideaway opens. Caro campaigns for herself, and it works: She and Ray take their things over to the private room. They're super into each other.

Speaking of super into each other, Weston and Emily are definitely catching feelings ... or something. Zac tells Kyra that Weston was looking for a girl to "move super fast with" and he found it. Kyra says there was an unspoken thing there between the two of them, but Weston should be the one to step up.

The game of the day is Dunk in Love, where they have to prove how well they know each other. Based on the number of times these people get dunked, it seems they don't know each other well at all. Good thing Dylan and Alexandra get to go on a date and get to know each other better.

After showering with Emily, Weston spends some time talking to Kyra before Emily joins them on the daybed. Kyra leaves to "get water," and she instead finds Alexandra and Caro to talk about how awkward it was being around the two of them. Kyra says she's going to be a good friend to Weston and support him if Emily makes him happy. Emily and Kyra talk later about how things could have been different -- for the two of them -- if they had had an honest chat on the first day, but since Emily went for Weston, it's too late.

America gets to vote one more time for our favorite couples, and you know what that means: Someone is going home tomorrow night! See you back here then.

​Love Island

Love Island

Colin Young-Wolff/CBS Entertainment


Well, false alarm. When Kyra asks Weston if he regrets not pursuing her earlier, he says he's in a very happy place with Kelsey. Womp womp. No big drama here.

The next morning Emily gets a date text. Luckily for Kelsey, she asks Eric. And... I spoke too soon. After that date, Weston gets a text inviting him on a second Emily date. Once he's back, Weston tells Kelsey the truth --that he kissed Emily -- and she's not super happy about it.

Jered gets the next date text, and he invites Kyra. Then Anton gets a text and invites Caro. But who cares about those dates!? The hot goss in the villa is Kyra and Weston. I may have spoken too soon again. Kyra tells all the girls and then all the OG guys how she feels she's grown close to Weston. Dylan spills the beans and talks to Weston about it. Now he doesn't know what to do.

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And if that weren't enough, Kyra asks Emily about her sexual identity. Emily says she's only dated guys, but she's hooked up with girls. She's not sure she would identify as bisexual because she's never developed feelings for a girl. Kyra says none of the girls in the villa have been her type, but Emily is. And Emily says she'd be willing to "try it."

With a re-coupling looming where the women choose, Emily is absolutely perplexed about what to do. She is in a love... pentagon? She doesn't know if she should choose Eric, Weston, or Kyra. Kyra might be interested in Jered, Eric, or Weston. Weston is interested in Emily, Kelsey, and Kyra. Come back tomorrow when we learn the dramatic ending to this twisty twist!

​Love Island

Love Island



We have almost made it to the end (sort of). Have all the islanders found true love yet? Well ... no. But let's see what can happen in the homestretch.

Fresh off Katrina and Cashel leaving, Kyra isn't doing well. She is incredibly emotional about it, and she doesn't want Eric -- who she picked to couple with -- to comfort her. Weston predicts that with Cashel out the door she's going to be "like damn," and I would say that's an accurate descriptor. She tells Alexandra that she needs someone in the villa who knows her best, and that was Cash. Without him, she's "lost"... which is a very dramatic thing to say about someone you've known for three weeks.

The next day Eric tries to talk with her about how he wants to give her space, but he is frustrated that she isn't communicating about what she needs. She says they need to take a step back and not be all "cuddled up and kissy." He (correctly) interprets the situation as Kyra is still hung up on Cashel.

The day's game is where they're all blindfolded and walking around a fenced-in area. I'm unclear what the rules are in this game, but it doesn't matter. The purpose of it is that when the islanders take their blindfolds off, there are three new people among them. We meet Emily, a college student, Jered, a real estate agent, and Anton, a personal trainer. Dylan's assessment of Emily is "new girl, tan, good-looking." He's so wowed he can't even form full sentences. Who am I kidding? He never can.

Emily is a hot topic in the villa -- even Kyra is eyeing her. But Emily says she has eyes for Weston and Eric. Later, at the night's football-themed party in the rain, they play a sexy Beer Pong/Truth or Dare mashup. And once again Emily is a hot commodity. She gets dared to kiss a lot of people, including Kyra.

After, Emily and Kyra chat -- don't get your hopes up -- about boys. Boo. Kyra says that she broke things off with Eric that morning (does he know that?), so she should feel free to talk to him. But Emily has more interest in Weston. She tells him her type is a guy who's goofy without trying, and that surely describes our country boy!

And you know who else's type is a goofy guy? KYRA! She and Weston talk about their interest in people, and somehow the chat switches to how the two of them have crushes on each other, but they didn't pursue it because of Cashel. DUN DUN DUN. Come back tomorrow to see what (if anything) happens with this thread. We'll update the recap right here all week, so be sure to check back.

​Love Island

Love Island


Love Island USA airs week nights at 8/7c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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