Meet Toni, whose store-bought bosom puts her fellow female contestants on guard right from the start on Fox's Love Cruise (debuting tonight at 9 pm/ET on Fox). "I don't mind what people say [about my plastic surgery]. Why do you think I got them?" the brassy blonde proudly declares during a round of the boat-based reality series's "Hot Seat" competition. "I wanted to make myself more attractive to men. It was my choice, my money and I did what I had to do."

Oh, to remember the simpler times of Love Boat, when the most bawdy banter stopped and started with, "Would you like to come in for a night cap?" Instead, Love Cruise — in which eight eligible men share a boat with eight single women — aims to make serious waves. "This is a very raucous, salacious, gregarious — and even exhibitionist — cast," host Justin Gunn teases TV Guide Online. "Each and every one of them is a grand personality with a lot to give."

After speed-dating each other (six minutes a pop) at the onset, Love Cruise's 16 shipmates then pair up, for 48 hours at a time (at the end of which, one of each gender is voted off the ship). Along the way, events like the "Hot Seat" Q&A promise to stir the pot — and probe into real emotions. (One woman is moved to tears in the premiere.)

"What Love Cruise does so well, and something I believe has been lacking in this genre, is present good storytelling and honest human drama," offers Gunn. "Whereas shows like Fear Factor ask you to vicariously put yourself in a far-fetched situation — 'What would I do if I had to eat cow testicles?' — this program elicits things that every human being can identify with."