Question: I love Brothers & Sisters!

Answer: I'm smitten as well. Sunday's episode was by far the best yet not surprising since it was the first one overseen by new show-runner Greg Berlanti. As he proved on our late, great Everwood, when it comes to writing monologues that tweak the brain at the same time that they tug at the heartstrings, he's frakkin' James Bond: Nobody does it better! (Natch, his soliloquies are even richer when they are delivered by fantastically flawed characters like Sally Field's Nora and Rachel Griffiths' Sarah.) Mr. B also reminded me why I fell in love with Calista Flockhart on Ally McBeal: The woman's comic timing is so perfect, you could set your clock by it. Her reaction after slamming the door on Josh Hopkins? Pure. Unadulterated. Genius. There are still some minor kinks to work out. Actually, there's just the one: the gay bro's swishy friend has got to go. He's the one weak link in an otherwise dream ensemble. But that's nothing a tragic November-sweeps car accident couldn't fix.