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Louis C.K. has publicly appealed to TMZ to take down a video showing the aftermath of the six-vehicle crash involving Tracy Morgan. The horrifying accident killed comedian James McNair and left several others critically injured.

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The campaign to remove the video began when the daughter of comedian Ardie Fuqua, who is shown in the footage being pulled from the wreckage unconscious, posted her petition on Instagram. "This is hurting my heart so bad that this video is posted for all to see. No one should see my father this way," she wrote. "All I ask is to kindly be left alone so that my father and everyone else can recover in peace."

C.K. then tweeted, "Take it down TMZ. Now. Please." In a series of tweets, the comedian continued: "TMZ has a video of footage of my friends Tracy and Arte in a terrible crash. They are in ICU. Arte's brave daughter asked them to take it down. They won't. Please don't go to TMZ to watch the video. Please ask them to take it down."

Other celebrities joined in, including Judd ApatowNeal Brennan and Dax Shepard, but as of Thursday morning TMZ has still not removed the video.