Lou Diamond Phillips Lou Diamond Phillips

Lou Diamond Phillips will guest on an upcoming episode of Patrick Swayze's new A&E drama The Beast, playing an associate of Swayze's character, Barker.

Phillips plays Capone, a figure with a bloody past and connections to a gang. The episode, airing Feb. 26 at 10 pm/ET, revolves around the death of a Chicago police officer. Phillips' turn will also give a new take on the show's theme: how deeply Barker and his FBI partner, Ellis (Travis Fimmel), can go undercover without losing themselves.

The Beast, which debuted Jan. 15, has attracted widespread attention in part because of Swayze's battle with pancreatic cancer. The actor, who was hospitalized last month with pneumonia, this week urged Congress to increase funding for cancer.

"My message to our senators and representatives is simple," he said in a letter to The Washington Post. "Vote for the maximum funding to let the National Institutes of Health fight cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. ... Stand up to create jobs, fight illness and deliver hope."