Question: There has been a lot of vitriol against Fox, Josh Berman and even you following that Vanished Q&A you did in the Ausiello Report. I am a hardcore Gale Harold fan, but am utterly grateful to you for clearing things up. While I do not believe much of what Josh said, at least I know officially now that Gale will not be back.

Answer: Yeah, those Gale Harold fans are a persnickety bunch, eh? They should know that I gave Gale a chance to present his side of the story, but his publicist never responded to my interview request. They should also know that the "diva buzz" I referred to was confirmed by four different Vanished sources, and not something I pulled out of my arse. If you wanna see me pull questions out of my arse, watch me interview The Game's Brittany Daniel at the CW launch party. My acting background really came in handy there.