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Lost fans were whipped into a frenzy Friday, when a juicy 12-minute epilogue of what happens on The Island under Hurley's reign leaked online.

Disney and ABC were quick to pull the video from YouTube — but, alas for them, not quick enough. The footage will be available on both the final season and full series Lost DVDs, out Aug. 24.

Where do the Lost Dharma food drops come from?

But for the impatient, five spoilers to whet your appetite:

1. On Hurley's orders, Ben shuts down Dharma stations around the world.

2. Why can't women give birth on the island? Blame the electromagnetic activity.

3. Room 23, where Karl was brainwashed? It was used by the Dharma Initiative as a way to get information on Jacob from the Hostiles.

4. The Hurley bird mystery, solved: It's a bird that has been genetically altered. It's a hy-bird!

5. Hurley and Ben spring Walt from the Santa Rosa Mental Institute because they have a job opportunity to discuss with him. Walt is special!

Did you get to watch the video? What are your favorite spoilers?