Daniel Dae Kim, Lost Daniel Dae Kim, Lost

After Tuesday night's Sun-centric (Yunjin Kim) and Jin-centric episode of Lost, many viewers are wondering if Sun is not long for this world, or the other world, too! TVGuide.com caught up with Daniel Dae Kim to find out what the final seven episodes hold for the fates of the castaways, including whether Sun or Jin is the important candidate whom UnLocke (Terry O'Quinn) is looking for. Spoiler alert: It could be neither of them!

Lost: Will Sun and Jin ever reunite?

TVGuide.com: Sun and Jin are not married, but still running away together in the alternate universe. Is this sideways timeline more similar than we originally thought?
Dae Kim:
As we saw from last night, there are certain similarities and certain big differences. In a way, the big question for me is: Why? I think we're going to discover that each character has something that is unexpected in their lives off the island and we're trying to figure out the source of it.

TVGuide.com: Will Sun and Jin ever be reunited on the island?
Dae Kim:
I hope so. I kind of feel like Sun and Jin, in some ways, are the heart of this show. I think people are really looking forward to a reunion, but Keamy said in last night's episode, "Some people are not meant to be together." So it's a tough call.

TVGuide.com: Since Sun has forgotten to speak English. When they're reunited, will Jin be her translator?
Dae Kim:
That would be ironic. [Laughs] It would be a one-eighty ...

TVGuide.com: There's a big, obvious question in that only one of them is important because only one of them can be a candidate. What will we see come of that?
Dae Kim:
I don't mean to make things more complicated, but it could also mean their daughter can be a candidate. Kwon is the last name for all three of them. It's difficult to say. It may be that all three of them are candidates, but it doesn't necessarily mean any of them will end up being the new Jacob.

Getting Lost: Are there forces keeping Jin and Sun apart?

TVGuide.com: Does their daughter play an integral part in the next few episodes?
Dae Kim:
She is a factor. She has to be accounted for.

TVGuide.com: Jin used to be infertile, but Sun is pregnant in the alternate universe. Will that be addressed?
Dae Kim:
Absolutely. It will be addressed. There's more to Sun and Jin's story in the alternate reality.

TVGuide.com: Jin is now involved in Charles Widmore's plan. How is Jin able to help with "The Package," that is Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick)?
Dae Kim:
Widmore is trying to recruit anyone and everyone that he can. The fact that Jin and Desmond know one another and can help unite each other against the same enemy, I think, is important.

TVGuide.com: Widmore's plan seems to be that he wants to keep everyone on the island now.
Dae Kim:
Yeah, I think the writers are doing such a really good job on keeping him ambiguous and the real idea of who's good and who's bad on the island. It's a reflection of how things are in real life; it's not so black and white. Whose motives are going to allow the castaways to survive? I'm not sure. It's a fine balance.

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TVGuide.com: Will the submarine hold the fates of several characters?
Dae Kim:
Ahh, that can very well be. I can say that the tension on the island continues. Death is definitely a part of their experience on the island for the past six years. As the stakes get higher and people align themselves with different sides, it's natural. Locke pretty much declared war in Tuesday's episode, so there are always causalities.

TVGuide.com: Because you're nearly finished shooting, what is the feeling like on the set?
Dae Kim:
The other day, when we were on set all together, there was this feeling like what I got when I graduated high school. We still had to go to school, there was still work to be done, but we knew that we were going to be leaving soon. We could appreciate and enjoy each other's company because we knew it would be coming to a close. It was a really light-hearted tone and the day went fast.

TVGuide.com: What can you say to fans who have griped about the sideways universe in regards to the finale?
Dae Kim:
As long as I can remember, there has been a small and vocal population of fans that have been unhappy with the show; this season is no exception. To that I'll say that the landscape and characters and story lines and plot that our writers have put together is so labyrinth-y, I give the writers so much credit for being able to address the questions, but also do it in a compelling way. In the grand scheme of themes they're trying to address, the majority of those questions will be answered by the end of the series.