The Kailua house that Golden Globe nominee Evangeline Lilly calls home while lensing Lost was consumed by a fire early Wednesday morning, says the Honolulu Advertiser. As of 6:45 am Hawaii time, firefighters had doused the flames but had not yet been able to enter the house. Per the Advertiser, there are no reports of anybody being inside at the time of the fire.

UPDATE: The fire, which burned for at least a half hour before a team of five fire trucks was able to quell it, left Lilly's home a total loss, says the Advertiser. Lilly, who rents the place with two female roomates, was likely filming at a Waialua beach at the time of the tragedy. (You can read a description of the cozy bungalow in this article in Elle magazine, in which she claimed to have furnished her living room for $300.) The cast of Lost is scheduled to break for Christmas on Thursday.