Speaking to the Associated Press, Lost's Michael Emerson ("Henry Gale") says that Season 3, premiering Oct. 4, will move the show "geographically and spiritually to another place," as it spends some time letting viewers get to know the Others - who, as Henry told Michael, actually may be "the good guys." "He means it," Emerson says of Henry's hard-to-believe claim. "We may not agree with him, but I think he means it."

I'm sorry, the good guys? Last night's clip show reminded us that the Others shot Sawyer with a real gun - no rubber theatrical prop - in the Season 1 finale. Maybe Henry meant they're "the guys with good aim"? But I digress. As Emerson goes on to say, "The Others seem so frightening [because] everything in the real world is frightening when it's unknown. Their agenda is unknown to us, therefore we fill it up with terrible imaginings." Kinda like when Paris Hilton announced her album.