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Before Lost kicks off its final season (Tuesday, Feb. 2, 9/8c, ABC), we're flashing back to May 2009 to remember where all of our favorite characters left off — and predict what might happen next.

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JAMES "SAWYER" FORD (Josh Holloway)

Where We Left Off: Sawyer tried to stop Jack from detonating Jughead by beating him to a bloody pulp. Once Jack's plan failed, a surge of electromagnetic energy pulled Juliet into a hole, and despite Sawyer's attempts to save her, she fell to her (presumed) death.

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What's Next: Although the fall itself didn't kill her, the executive producers have made it clear that Juliet is dead, leaving Sawyer heartbroken. The detonation of the bomb could put Sawyer happily back on Oceanic 815 or perhaps he'll flash back to 2008 to help take down Un-Locke. Wherever he lands, we're pretty certain we can expect two things: more unresolved tension with Kate and at least one more power struggle with Jack.Burning Questions: Will Sawyer win Kate's heart? To whom will he give the coolest nickname? Will he and Jack ever coexist peacefully? And the biggie: How many times will he take his shirt off?Read more Lost character catch-ups:Lost Catch-Up: Where We Left Off with Kate AustenLost Catch-Up: Where We Left Off with Hugo "Hurley" ReyesLost Catch-Up: Where We Left Off with Richard Alpert Lost Catch-Up: Where We Left Off with Sun and Jin Kwon Lost Catch-Up: Where We Left Off with Sayid Jarrah