Harold Perrineau and Cynthia Watros Harold Perrineau and Cynthia Watros

Sure, Harold Perrineau's character, Michael Dawson, died, but that doesn't mean he can't return to Lost. TVGuide.com sat down with with Perrineau in Hawaii after he shot his return to Lost to find out how Michael will interact with both Hurley (Jorge Garcia) and Libby (Cynthia Watros), whom Michael killed, in a way that will surprise even die-hard fans.

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Among Michael's many acts of deception, most serious was that he murdered Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) and Libby in cold blood in Season 2. Since then, the estranged father has been trying to rectify mistakes and, according to Perrineau, he just may get it — despite being dead. In fact, he says, Michael is going to apologize to Libby.

"I did get to apologize," Perrineau says. "Every time I did it, it was really emotional. There was something really nice about it. It's not just apologizing to her, but to Hurley as well."

Co-star Garcia shared the same sentiments. "It played really well. When we did the rehearsal for it, I found myself getting way more emotional than I thought I was going to."

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Michael's apology springs from his search for redemption this season. "That's what he's been trying to do since he came back originally," Perrineau says. "That's what Michael has been doing since the Ana Lucia-Libby episode, trying to find some redemption."

Ana Lucia, who Michael also murdered, won't be getting an apology though. "She was in his way," says Perrineau. "She was going to kill Ben. You see how good Michael Emerson is on the show, right? If she'd have killed him, we would've missed all that. You should be thanking me!"

So will Libby and Michael be incarnations of the Smoke Monster like the now-dead Locke? "I'm totally the ghost of Michael," Perrineau says, though he questions if every dead character we've seen has been a form of either Jacob or the Man in Black. Added Garcia: "I'm pretty confident that Libby is not the Man in Black when you see her."

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As for the alternate timeline where our Lostaways are living and breathing, Perrineau said we won't be seeing an off-island Michael. "Unless they are using some old footage, as far as I know, Michael is only dead this season." Garcia added an ominous "we'll see" for the status of Libby being alive off the island. 

Are you excited for the return of Michael and Libby?