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Lost's Sayid (Naveen Andrews) may be in for a couple difficult talks — not one, but two of his former lovers are returning to the show. Both Shannon (Maggie Grace), his dead island girlfriend, and Nadia (Andrea Gabriel), his dead off-island wife, will return in the final season.

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Production on several films initially kept Grace from reprising her role as Shannon, Boone's stepsister who was killed by Ana Lucia in Season 2. "We're really excited about having her back on the show," executive producer Carlton Cuse told Entertainment Weekly, "and we have a good story for her."

Nadia also was murdered — her life taken by one of Charles Widmore's assassins, who ran her over in a crosswalk as Sayid helplessly looked on.

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Reps for the ABC series would not comment to TVGuide.com on when Grace and Gabriel will return, how long they'll appear on the show or whether either will suck face with Sayid.

Libby (Cynthia Watros), Michael (Harold Perrineau), Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) and Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) are among the other departed characters we'll see again in the final season of Lost.