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When Lost's Jack says goodbye to the island in the ABC drama's series finale, star Matthew Fox will say goodbye to TV.

Fox, who has previously described the ending of Lost as a "relief," told Starpulse that he has no plans to work on the small screen again.

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"I am not going to do television again," Fox said. "That is not because I think film is better than television. Not at all, in some respects some of the best story telling is happening on television. I have done two TV shows — Lost

and Party of Five — that have each run for six years. When you add it all up it is in the vicinity of 300 hours of television. I want to find a way to have more control over when I am working and when I'm not. I'm looking for more flexibility."

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Fox said that flexibility will give him more time to spend with his wife and kids. "I am (43) and a father of two children, and I don't want to miss them growing up," Fox said. "I don't want to find myself 10 years from now feeling like I was an absentee father because I was so focused on my career."

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The actor plans to take six months off when Lost wraps its final season, and Fox said when he returns to work, he hopes to film one or two movies a year. Fox's most recent big screen roles include We Are Marshall, Vantage Point, and Speed Racer.