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Amidst much speculation that Lost's final season will at some point stage a full-on reunion of the core Flight 815 group, snarky Shannon's name is the latest to be penciled into the manifest.

What brought on this new buzz? "I'm looking forward to visiting Hawaii soon," Maggie Grace told E! News at a Wednesday event.

Holy Smoke Monster! If Grace is en route to the Aloha State, it must be to film new Lost scenes, right?

Not necessarily.

First and foremost, a source tells, Grace "is going to Hawaii on vacation," as well as to visit with some Lost pals who call the islands home during the hiatus.

Among the former castmates she plans to see are Josh Holloway, whose wife gave birth in April to a daughter named Java Kumala.

Of course if she's there already, it's no great leap to speculate that she could also step in front of some cameras and bang out a couple scenes as Shannon. But as with much on Lost these days, timing is everything.

If Grace is heading to Hawaii anytime soon, "There's no way she could shoot anything," a show insider tells us. "Production doesn't even begin until late August."

But if her travels take her to the islands toward summer's end, that's a different story, and we just may get a most unlikely "family" reunion. As Ian Somerhalder told's Getting Lost, there is a "large or decent" chance that he will put in his own appearance this season, as Shannon's step-sib, Boone.

Though Grace was second only to Somerhalder when Lost started "killing off" original cast members, "Maggie still has affection for the show," says our source, and would love to make an encore before the show signs off in May 2010.

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