<EM>Lost</EM>'s Michelle Rodriguez Lost's Michelle Rodriguez

Question: In the Lost forums, Ana Lucia's sexual orientation is being questioned to no end. Can the producers clarify that for us?

Answer: "She is straight," insists exec producer Carlton Cuse, effectively squashing my whole Ana Lucia-Rousseau theory. And what of rumors that another castaway may be harboring a same-sex crush? "To spill about whether a character currently on the island is gay would be at cross-purposes to our mission of keeping the characters' backstories shrouded in mystery," Cuse adds. "That's not saying any are or aren't. But in the case of Ana Lucia, we will go on the record and say that her character is straight." OK, I've got a new theory: Jin and Mr. Eko. (C'mon, one has abs for days and the other doesn't go anywhere without his big stick. So obvious.)