It's the finale you've been waiting for. Tonight Lost will conclude its first, whiplash-inducing season with so many twists and turns it'll take two hours to contain them. Here, executive producers Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams give an exclusive sneak peek:

Spoiler No. 1: Look for the castaways to venture inside the Black Rock — that ginormous pirate ship mysteriously landlocked on the island — to retrieve dynamite, in hopes of finally blowing open that damn hatch, where they plan to hide from the Others. Naturally, though, things don't go quite according to plan. "When you put dynamite that's 100 years old out in the middle of the jungle at unstable temperatures, it begins to sweat nitroglycerine," Lindelof says. "So the whole story is about how they get the dynamite from the Black Rock back to the hatch without blowing up. Not to mention that the monster is not really willing to let them do that." Which brings us to...

Spoiler No. 2: We'll finally get a look, albeit a partial one, at the monster. Is it, as Danielle Rousseau claimed, some kind of security system for the island? Lindelof's not saying, but he does hint that the unhinged French lady isn't the most reliable source on Freaky Island. "What her true motives are [will be] revealed [in] the finale," he says. "I would hang on to the concept of the loss of her own child and how far she would go in order to get her back." Hmmm, might she be in cahoots with the Others to snatch Claire's baby?

Spoiler No. 3: Hurley's seemingly jinxed lottery numbers, which appear on the hatch, will come back into play. "It would be very interesting to me if Hurley is one of the people to blow the hatch open," Lindelof teases. "What will happen when he realizes the numbers are on it? I don't think he'd be very excited if he knew, but they're very small. If you're standing on the wrong side of the hatch, you probably wouldn't see them." Hurley may not be in the know, but reformed junkie Charlie will stumble upon some valuable info of his own — that the plane that crushed Boone is full of heroin. That can't be good.

Spoiler No. 4: The raft riders — Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer (or should we call him James?) — encounter something shocking in the water. So what is it? "That's the $64,000 question," Lindelof says. "Telling you is sort of [giving away] the entire last scene of the show." But Lindelof will say that the quartet is not eaten by Jaws, "and there are no monsters in the water." At least not this season.

Spoiler No. 5: You will be talking about the cliff-hanger all summer. "It is beyond shocking," Abrams claims. "It's hair-raising. Also, something happens that is so terrifying, that's unexpected, and yet, it was right there, building for a while. It's one of my favorite turns I've ever seen." We'll be the judge of that.