Michael Emerson, <I>Lost</i> Michael Emerson, Lost

With Lost's season finale now three-and-a-half weeks (including one clip show) away, Michael Emerson is letting slip some info about what's in store for Ben, the others and, well, the Others.

Airing May 13, the Season 5 finale is "so packed with action," Emerson tells TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411. "So many storylines come to a really big head, and we finally get to lay eyes on certain much talked-about characters that have never been shown before."

The recent casting of Dexter's Mark Pellegrino has spawned talk of at least one very familiar name finally being given a face.

Titled "The Incident" and running two hours, Lost's penultimate season-ender is named after (and thus is believed to depict) an unexpected scientific event ominously referred to in the Swan station's orientation video. Whatever exactly "the incident" was, it resulted in the protocol in which a Swan staffer must push a button every 108 minutes, lest a massive electromagnetic anomaly occur.

Emerson's final tease about the finale jibes with speculation that viewers — as well as the Lostaways — will lay witness the event. "The ending of the ending," says the actor, "is an explosive one."

Watch the full video to also get Emerson's take on Ben's recent "downward spiral," and whether he might have one last trick up his sleeve.