Question: I need to know who is on that boat on Lost!

Answer: Well, Kelly, theres Sayid and Desmond (1996 and 2004 editions) and the corpse of Fisher Stevens and some guy named Keamey and I know thats not who you mean, but the identity of Bens boat buddy is one scoop that Team Darlton is not letting slip, at least not until tomorrow night. In the meantime, try this Lost head-scratcher on for size: I have it on good authority that an upcoming, post-strike episode features both a pair of Arabic-speaking, horseback-riding Bedouins and a luxury doorman of British extraction. Without knowing whether its a flashback or flash-forward, whose episode could that be? I had an extra bowl of crazy this morning, so Im going with a consciousness-imploding guess: Charles Widmore, who is: A) a shadowy figure who has been coming into focus in recent weeks, B) a rich British dude and C) perhaps interested in those polar bear skeletons Charlotte found in the deserts of Tunisia, no? Any more sane guesses? Post 'em here!