Question: How 'bout some Lost scoop! And where can us Ausholes send your birthday gifts?

Answer: Click here for what would seem to be a major spoiler about Ken Leung's Miles. And re: my b-day, I'm going to do something really out of character and ask that you guys refrain from sending me expensive gifts this year. Instead, please consider making a donation to the Humane Society. Were it not for the group's tireless undercover work, we never would have known of the unconscionable abuse going on at that slaughterhouse in California, prompting the largest beef recall in U.S. history. Do this for me and I promise I'll let you buy me expensive gifts next year. You have my word on that. 

OK, that's all folks. Here's this week's to-do list:

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•Check out this week's Ausiello Report vodcast for scoop on Friday Night Lights, Desperate Housewives, Greek and more!
•The Strike Recovery Chart will help you adjust your post-strike viewing sked. Use it. 
•E-mail questions, hot tips and birthday wishes to

See ya back here next week for more scoop, shiz and giggles!