Attention, aspiring reality TV stars: When you go from contestant to castoff, you could do worse than the memorable but tasteful exit Andrea Baptiste made on NBC's The Biggest Loser (Tuesdays, 8 pm/ET). Last week's episode was tough. The Red and Blue Teams were dissolved, switching the game from team play to individual challenges. The other Losers quickly pegged Andrea as the biggest threat and voted her off. As she walked out, the sassy 29-year-old pharmaceutical rep told everyone to "check the back" of her new size 8 dress. Sounded to us at TV Guide Online like a sly way of saying something else. Here, we get the scoop from "Dre" herself.

TV Guide Online: Loved your snarky farewell. Was there a hidden meaning to your comment?
Andrea Baptiste:
(Laughs) I basically told them in an Andrea-classy way to kiss my ass.

TVGO: Bet you're bitter that they kept Mo instead of you.
At first, it was personal because I've worked my tail off. Why should I have to go when I worked hard [and] there is somebody sitting beside me who didn't work nearly as hard or put in as much effort as I did? And yet he's the one to stay? That burned me a little bit. However, what a greater way to leave than triumphant over everyone who's [threatened] by you?

TVGO: You sported a bikini in your "after" picture. When was the last time you did that?
Oh my god, its been years. Years!

TVGO: How much weight have you lost since doing Loser?
I have lost 53 pounds in total.

TVGO: Congrats. One week, you were "the biggest loser," shedding more pounds than anyone.
I never thought that, in any given week, I would be able to accomplish that. My situation was very unique from the other contestants. Because I am an exercise physiologist by trade, I used to personal train other people. I could get you in the [best] shape of your life. However, I fell out of track with myself.

TVGO: Wait. You were a fitness trainer, and then ended up on this show?
Yeah. It's a little shameful, but yeah.

TVGO: Would you go back to training others?
Absolutely! I would want to go back to training other people because I got a different perspective on things; I got a different perspective on how to eat and how to train. It reignited that flame I had before.

TVGO: Your old job must've been prepared for the hard work, right?
Going there, I just thought, "Great. I'm going to go work out with the trainer, then I can sit by a pool for a few hours a day." I had this whole vacation planned for myself. When I got there, it was a quick slap of reality that this was not going to be a vacation, by any means. But I allowed myself to walk into this with my eyes wide open and embrace every possible scenario that was good and that I could take with me. I don't think everyone did that.

TVGO: What were you thinking on that stationery bike for four hours?
I was peddling for four hours thinking, "Gosh, if this clock doesn't hurry up..." (Chuckles) I had four hours to sit there and say, "Look at what you've done and how far you've come." I used to be very outgoing and loved to be in the limelight and loved attention. I closed myself off, not realizing it, because I didn't like what I saw everyday in the mirror. So I [thought,] "I'm going to peddle my tail off and make sure I can continue on this road."

TVGO: You worked hard on that, but you didn't win. What happened?
I actually ended up with a blister on my foot during the [biking] challenge. The strap of the bike kept digging into my foot as I peddled. It was the most painful experience that I had gone through on that show.

TVGO: You're single. Landed any dates since the show?
Nada. My dating life is the exact same as when I walked into that show. I'm single, but I'm happy because I'm my best friend right now. Not to say I don't want to date; I would love to meet a really nice, well put together individual who can appreciate me for who I am and whatnot, but that hasn't happened yet.

TVGO: Eligible bachelors, are you listening?