Question: How much longer is the character of Zach going to be on Heroes? When he was mind-wiped and forgot his friendship with Claire, it seemed like a natural opportunity for producers to resolve his story line and rid themselves of a problem actor. So I was disappointed when I tuned in to the Jan. 22 episode and saw actor Isaiah Wash oops, I mean Thomas Dekker still under their employ. Is Zach going to officially "come out" as straight on the show, or will his orientation remain a mystery until he leaves for his sure-to-be-canceled Terminator series on Fox?

Answer: Get this: Monday's episode was Dekker's and Zach's last. And let's not be so quick to blame Dekker. As I was recently made aware, his manager was one of several forces conspiring to "straighten up" Zach (one of which is very high up).