8:00: Well, didn't we all want to know how these at-first ordinary people became actors who get to wear fancy clothes and walk on a special carpet? Thanks for your fourth grade memory, Vanessa. I'm Megan Cherkezian and I'm not an actor. But I am a blogger... let the awards begin. 8:05: Ashton hands out the award for Lead Actress in a TV-movie/Mini Series to Helen Mirren. Sabrina and I both just noticed that during her eloquent speech, we had a full-on view of the award's butt. 8:08: Alan Arkin introduces Little Miss Sunshine (which I just watched for the first time this weekend and found absurdly funny) as one of the best-film nominees. I don't think I could scream like that if I tried, but I'd definitely want to ride in that van just for kicks.