Thomas Dekker and Lena Headey by Joe Viles/Fox Thomas Dekker and Lena Headey by Joe Viles/Fox
COPS 20th SEASON BREAKFAST 9-10 am: The menu consists of donuts... donuts... and more donuts! Get it?

Cops? Donuts? It's genius! THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES PANEL 10 am: The million-dollar question: Will anyone ask star Thomas Dekker about his controversial exit from Heroes? I've got 15 bucks riding on no. 10:10 am: Lena Headey is making herself very comfortable. In a TCA first, she's sitting with her legs crossed. 10:12 am: Summer Glau simply "adores" Arnold Schwarzenegger, but her Terminator will be different than his. 10:15 am: A reporter comments that Headey and Dekker are very close in age for a mother and son, to which Headey says, "If only that were true." For the record, Headey is 34 and Dekker is 19. 10:23 am: Scoop! The show's title may be changed to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. 10:26 am: Schwarzenegger is too "expensive" and "busy" to make a cameo on SCC. 10:28 am: Scoop! SCC costar Richard T. Jones will be back for the first couple of episodes of Girlfriends. Says he's unsure what will happen beyond that. 10:31 am: I just sneezed. It was loud and it was messy. 10:36 am: I'm down 15 bucks. Someone just asked Dekker about Gaygate. "It was something that was blown out of proportion," he says of the hubbub. "The character was [supposed to be] ambiguous. Me not appearing on the show anymore has nothing to do with the character [being gay].... I was never under contract." He claims he left Heroes to do SCC. 10:40 am: Gaggle stampede! NASHVILLE SESSION 11:04 am: It's Laguna Beach with talent! 11:09 am: One of the "cast members" of this docu-soap (debuting Sept. 14) is Terry Bradshaw's daughter, Rachel. TV Guide's Damian Holbrook thinks she looks like Cheryl Hines as a teen. 11:22 am: Music is the backdrop, but the show is really about "the relationships," says exec producer Gary Auerbach. I assume "relationships" is a euphemism for "gratuitous sex." CANTERBURY'S LAW PANEL 12:01 pm: Show: B-; Julianna Margulies: A 12:04 pm: Yikes, the crickets are coming out early. 12:06 pm: Margulies is a "huge fan of Rescue Me: "I love how dark their show is, and also how funny it is." And why is this pertinent? Because Canterbury is produced by Denis Leary's production company. 12:07 pm: Margulies doesn't condone cheating - unless your son has been kidnapped and you're really depressed, like her character on Canterbury. 12:10 pm: "I was never going to go back to ER," Margulies says of rumors that she was headed back to County General. "I never retrace my steps." 12:11 pm: What convinced Margulies to return to the TV grind? Fox chairman Peter Liguori took "me out to a great dinner and we had a few martinis." Wow, she's easy. 12:12 pm: New Law & Order prosecutor Linus Roache played Margulies' hubby in the pilot. The role is now being recast. 12:15 pm: Exec producer Walon Green is explaining why shooting in and around a urinal is cinematic gold. And why is this pertinent? Because there's a scene in the pilot in which Margulies follows costar Ben Shenkman into a men's room. 12:17 pm: Margulies says she and George Clooney talk about reuniting on the big screen someday. 12:18 pm: [ Crickets] 12:24 pm: Margulies describes her four-episode Sopranos stint as "one of the best jobs I ever had." 12:34 pm: Gaggle stampede. Julianna, look out, they're headed right for you! FAMILY GUY 100TH EPISODE LIVE TABLE READ/LUNCH
1-2 pm:
Confession time: I have never really gotten into Family Guy. But that's all about to change after the table read I just listened in on. It was lewd, crude, offensive and, yes, riotously funny. And the best part? Free Family Guy swag! THE RETURN OF JEZEBEL JAMES PANEL 2:30 pm: AS-P's in the house, and she's wearing a ginormous hat - even for her. 2:38 pm: Interesting. They're not showing the Jezebel trailer. Not a huge surprise considering AS-P hated it. 2:44 pm: Lena Headey apparently started a trend: Parker Posey is sitting on her feet, too. Maybe it's something about that particular chair. 2:45 pm: AS-P isn't finding any challenges to shooting the show in New York, except "we can't get our dog to crap on cement." 2:47 pm: Parker Posey never saw Gilmore Girls and, as a result, "never knew the genius that was Amy Sherman-Palladino." 2:50 pm: On casting ex- Gilmore guy Scott Cohen on Jezebel, AS-P says, "I've been dying to work with him. He's that rare breed: An attractive man who you don't want to punch in the face because he can't talk." 2:52 pm: I think Parker has RLS (restless leg syndrome). That thing's gonna hurt someone. 2:53 pm: Not a single Gilmore question so far. 2:55 pm: One of many reasons I adore Parker Posey: In the span of three seconds, she lost her train of thought, caught her mic on her foot, uttered the words "Oh, shizzle," and asked a reporter to repeat his question. 2:58 pm: First Gilmore Girls question! AS-P didn't watch the finale. "I couldn't watch it because it wasn't going to be my ending. I love all those people. Lauren's my pal." She then confirms what I first told you guys back in May: She's up for a reunion pic down the line. "We've talked about maybe doing a little song-and-dance together again." 3:02 pm: AS-P reveals the final GG words! "You're adopted!" She kids, she kids. She better be kidding. 3:03 pm: Yes, she's kidding. 3:05 pm: Gaggle stampede - and I'm right in the middle of it! 3:29 pm: OK, just back from the stampede. AS-P had some veddy interesting things to say about her embattled Gilmore successor. "I think David Rosenthal is a great guy and a terrific writer. And I think he took a lot of heat because he was put in the worst possible situation: to take over a show that was so personal to us. And they didn't give him the support that he needed. The studio didn't put him in a good position. I think the world of him. We didn't watch [the show last season] not because of him, [but because] it was just too hard." Regarding the GG reunion pic: "I think if the stars align we can do it. I'd love to work with that cast one more time. Dan and I would write something great. It would mean a lot to us." Her hubby, Dan Palladino, added, "I think you wait a couple years. Wait a couple years. Make sure there's some interest." HOUSE PANEL
4:02 pm:
Scoop! Jesse Spencer, Omar Epps and Jennifer Morrison will all be back next season. I know this because all three of them are on the panel. I also know this because exec producer Kate Jacobs just said, "They'll all be back." 4:08 pm: That said, Jacobs reveals that when the season starts "House is alone. And House is trying to solve cases by himself. Cuddy insists that he hire a new time. Over the first bunch of episodes, he's going to call in [40 or so candidates] and see who survives. It will be like Survivor." (Click here to find out who survives.) 4:10 pm: On his Emmy nod, Hugh Laurie says he was asleep when the noms were announced last Thursday. "It's a very thrilling way of waking up.... It was a happy day." 4:12 pm: Jennifer Morrison is sportin' some serious blonde highlights. 4:14 pm: Scoop! Chase is working in Arizona when the season starts. And Cameron's there visiting him. Foreman, meanwhile, is heading up his own diagnostic team at another hospital. 4:16 pm: Not sure if she was joking, but Jacobs just said she's giving Cuddy "a huge makeout scene" this season. Let the speculation begin! 4:20 pm: Big news! It's time to hand out our third Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout Willis award of the tour. The trophy goes to the reporter who just asked the entire cast how they enjoy shooting on the 20th Century Fox lot as opposed to, say, the Universal lot. Specifically, the reporter wants to know if they have convenient parking spaces. Congratulations to today's winner! 4:28 pm: Jesse Spencer is jazzed about the changes in store for Chase this season. "We're not going back in the same capacity. Nothing will be the same [and] that's going to change the energy. It's kind of like we've got a new show." 4:29 pm: Laurie describes the first three House scripts this season as "phenomenal" - three of the best scripts he's ever read. 4:30 pm: Jacobs says they have actually hired five new docs. "We have deals with five actors that could potentially turn into series-regular deals." 4:31 pm: House won't refer to his new minions by name, but by number. Hey, Gilmore Girls already did that. In Season 6, Paris assigned numbers to all the staffers at the "Yale Daily News." AS-P, call your lawyers! 4:38 pm: House's post-Super Bowl episode will be the first of a two-parter. "It's a lot of pressure," Jacobs says of the high-profile slot. "I don't think we'll do anything too gimmicky." 4:41 pm: Emma Thompson is a fan of the show and has expressed interest in guest-starring. 4:47 pm: Gaggle stampede! Robert Sean Leonard is running for his life! And on that note, Fox's portion of press tour comes to an end. No sessions tomorrow - we're going on a field trip to the sets of Heroes and Brothers & Sisters! - but I'll be back Thursday morning with ABC, Day 1. Now I'm off to Santa Monica Pier to party with Wentworth, Kiefer, Mary Lynn and AS-P. Apparently, last one on the Ferris wheel is a rotten egg, so I better get a move-on.