Don't count Regis Philbin out quite yet, and we're not just talking about the morning-show host's successful triple-bypass heart surgery. (He's come through, as Live with Regis and Kelly cohost Kelly Ripa put it on Thursday morning, "with flying colors" and "the heart of a 19-year-old.") No, we're talking about how, no matter what you may have read elsewhere, the Daytime Emmy folks have not necessarily snubbed Reege and Kel after a long run of nominations. Rather, the show decided to submit itself for a brand-new category - outstanding morning show - instead of in the talker contests.

Even away from the orbit of Rosie, Ellen, et al, the competition's rough: Today, Good Morning America and other newsy shows are in the running. The new category's nominees will be announced in April. - Reporting by Ileane Rudolph