8:22: " Weeds, a great show, an amazing after-party," Seacrest jokes. Whatever, I think, till he adds, "Isn't that right, Paula?" And the camera cuts to a relatively lucid-looking Abdul.

8:24: Jaime Pressly wins Best Supporting Actress, Comedy. Oh, nice backless number. Oh, on second thought, better from the back, which doesn't exist. She says My Name Is Earl creator Greg Garcia wrote her a speech, which she has now forgotten. 8:25: She'd better not cry. Wearing that much makeup, it isn't gonna be pretty. 8:25:30: Katherine Heigl's name is pronounced HIGH-juhl? No. She just corrected the announcer. That's a riot! 8:27: Thomas Haden Church just won Supporting Actor, Miniseries or Movie, while I was trying to figure out how to IM Mitovich. Stupid technology. 8:28: Church gives props to Robert Duvall and Walter Hill, and says his Emmy will probably be his daughter's favorite toy next to SpongeBob. 8:28:30: Oops. Church has overstayed his welcome. But the music is too wishy-washy to usher him off stage.