3:40 pm: Damn wi-fi!! It went down just as the session started. But we're back up and running now.

3:43 pm: Got the Luke-Lorelai question in. Dave didn't say anything specific about how he planned to repair the relationship, just that fans should "stay tuned." 3:50 pm: Lauren Graham is clearly optimistic about GG post-Palladino. 3:53 pm: Lauren left the door open to doing another season. Alexis didn't address it. 3:55 pm: Yikes! A reporter just asked David about Heidi Klum, and Lauren jumped to his defense. "It has nothing to do with anything. Next!" 3:59 pm: David is being extremely tight-lipped about future plotlines. 4:00 pm: Lauren concedes that things are more "open door" with David, but she doesn't want that to be seen as a diss on Amy and Dan. 4:01 pm: If this is the final season of Gilmore Girls, David says he will ask Amy how she intended to end the show. 4:02 pm: Alexis is going to see how this season goes before deciding on another year. 4:05 pm: Bad news, Logan fans: David says Logan will be staying in London. Also, Christopher will be a bigger presence than ever before. (Don't shoot the messenger!) 4:07 pm: No plans on bringing Milo back. OK, just had a 15-minute interview with Rosenthal. I'll transcribe and post later, but here are the highlights: Matt Czuchry is not leaving the show. Logan and Rory will have a long-distance relationship. Lorelai and Christopher did have sex in the finale. Marty will be back. It sounds like Luke and Lorelai will be broken up - at least during the first part of the season. He's aware that fans are not happy about how last season ended. I'll try to get the complete transcript up later. My head is spinning! My battery is about to die, or else I'd live-blog the Mars session, too.