The View's Lisa Ling admits she's tempted by the controversial Fox reality series

Temptation Island. In fact, the 27-year-old Ling — who can be seen hosting the WB's G-rated special, "20 Teens Who Will Change the World," Friday at 8 pm/ET — says the lust-driven game show is, gasp!, educational.

"I have to say that I'm pretty addicted to Temptation Island right now, but not for the typical salacious reasoning," Ling tells TV Guide Online. "What I like about Temptation Island is that jealousy and infidelity are issues that face every couple in the world, and by watching this show you can watch idiots make fools of themselves, but learn from the mistakes that they make. So, I actually find there to be incredible redeeming social value to the show."

When she's not indulging in some guilty viewing pleasures, Ling says she's happy to participate in celebrations of youth — like Friday's WB/Teen People special. "It was just a really positive thing because these days we hear about teenagers in very negative lights, be it in academics or socially, and it's really commendable to me that the WB and Teen People are actually acknowledging the achievements that so many young people are making," she says. "I really feel honored to be taking part in this."

And like Madonna, she's taking a liking to one remarkable teen in particular. "I have such a new appreciation for Britney Spears," says Ling, who received a private dance lesson from Spears's choreographer Wade Robson. "I watch her now and I just go, 'That girl has talent.'"

The 18-year-old Robson — who also coordinates 'N Sync's moves — is among the young people spotlighted on "20 Teens." "Wade is so incredible," says Ling. "I watched ['N Sync's] shows, and as much as you want to make fun of the whole notion of boy bands, when you see them and the work that goes into it, it's unbelievable."