Lindsay Lohan by Jamie McCarthy/ Lindsay Lohan by Jamie McCarthy/

The evening after being arrested on DUI and cocaine-possession charges, Lindsay Lohan proclaimed, "I am innocent" in an e-mail to Access Hollywood. "I did not do drugs, they're not mine," she writes, referring to the coke found on her person at the time of the arrest. "I appreciate everyone giving me my privacy."


Filmmakers, meanwhile, are weighing in on how this latest scrape with the law will impact the starlet's already compromised career. James Robinson, the Georgia Rules producer who famously penned an open letter chastising LiLo for her on-set behavior, tells TV's Extra, "I truly am troubled that this young girl, who has spent her whole life being an actress, would be at this juncture... self-destructive. I hate to see her throw her life away."

"The sad thing is at one point she had talent," an L.A.-based producer tells Variety. The exec points blame at "the people around her for not telling her the one thing she needs to hear: 'Go away! Go away for a year [to London or any non-Hollywood scene].'"

"This may, in a strange way, actually help her," a former Miramax exec talls the trade. "A lot of indie producers are probably going to be able to cast her in interesting parts because... not a lot of other scripts may be sent to her for a while."