Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/ Lindsay Lohan by Steve Granitz/

Good news, bad nudes for Lindsay Lohan. On Friday, the starlet celebrated the completion of her six-week rehab stint and checked out of the Promises facility, says People. To better foster her ongoing sobriety, Lohan is wearing an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, which, according to my own Googling, is capable of randomly testing skin vapors for traces of the sauce, then sounding a remote alarm should she imbibe. (And yes, it also goes ballistic if tampered with.)

"Alas," liberated Lindsay came home to a PR headache. Apparently nude photos of her (snapped by sometime gentleman caller Callum Best) have been snatched from her laptop and fallen into nefarious (meaning HTML-proficient) hands. "Anything is possible," her rep tells the New York Post's Page Six. "I know nothing about it, but her lawyers have been notified."