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Prosecutors in the Lindsay Lohan case are scheduled to meet with a judge on Wednesday to discuss revoking Lohan's probation and sending the actress back to jail, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Is something wrong with Lindsay Lohan's teeth?

The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office believes the 25-year-old star violated her parole when she was kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center, where she was doing court-appointed community service after being convicted of stealing a necklace.

"She was terminated from the women's center program for failing to show up. This was one of the terms of her probation. So we will seek jail time for her," said Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the prosecutors.

Lindsay Lohan free from house arrest after 35 days

Lohan was sentenced to house arrest after pleading no contest to misdemeanor theft in May. Lohan is still on probation, stemming from her two DUI cases in 2007, with a progress review scheduled for Wednesday. Judge Stephanie Sautner will review the case.

The probation department, however, is reportedly standing behind Lohan, reports. Sources tell the site that the department believes Lohan is in compliance with her probation and they will recommend that she not be sent back to jail.