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After starting her jail sentence just yesterday, Lindsay Lohan's attorney says she's "having a difficult time adjusting."

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"She's trying to make the necessary adjustments to an extremely stressful and difficult situation," attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told People after visiting Lohan in jail. "There were some tears."

Lohan will spend about 22 hours a day confined to her 12-by-8-foot cell for about two weeks, a likely reduction of her 90-day probation-violation sentence, due to overcrowding.

"Generally, the first two days in jail are the most difficult," Holley said. "I just kept reminding her of that. She's doing the best she can."

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Lohan began her sentence on Tuesday morning after surrendering herself to authorities. She was denied the options of home arrest, electronic monitoring, work release or work furlough, and will have to serve her time behind bars. She is also required to enter an in-patient rehab facility within 24 hours of her release.