When Disney's gender-bending comedy Sorority Boys opens this Friday, Smallville fans everywhere will be flocking to theaters to catch Lex Luthor in drag. However, witnessing the bald baddie's portrayer, Michael Rosenbaum, wearing a dress won't be nearly as shocking as seeing him as a frat boy with — yikes! — hair.

And bad hair at that.

Smallville devotees can rest assured, however, that the '70s-esque shag Rosenbaum sports in the film isn't his real 'do. "That was just a horrible wig," says chrome-domed actor, who keeps his head shaved for his role as Clark Kent's future foe. "I wanted it to be bad because it was a comedy."

Despite the hairdon't, Rosenbaum welcomed the opportunity to get back to his roots in Sorority Boys, which finds the self-proclaimed comic playing one of three fraternity brothers who dress in drag in order to get into a sorority house. "I'm this sinister, dark, ambiguous character on TV, so it was nice to play a role that's the antithesis of that," admits the former star of the short-lived WB comedy Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane.

Another plus: Unlike most of the cross-dressing farces coming out of Hollywood, Rosenbaum says that Sorority Boys takes its drag seriously. "You don't find a lot of scripts where guys have to become women and have a decent reason to do so," he boasts. "Unless, maybe, they're a transvestite... which is fine too!"