David Letterman David Letterman

David Letterman isn't ready to forgive and forget about John McCain bailing out on his show.

The host said on the air recently that McCain canceled a Late Show appearance so he could return to Washington and focus on the economy — then played live footage of McCain prepping for an interview with Katie Couric. In New York, and on CBS, Letterman's network.

Letterman says the Republican presidential nominee may be back on his show around the time of the final presidential debate, to be held in New York next week.

But he's also spilling what he says are the details of their behind-the-scenes motivations.

"So now, in an attempt to save his campaign, they’re talking about coming back. ... But they’re being squirrely.  Politicians can be squirrely.  Because we have a date picked.  We do this show every afternoon at 5:30," Letterman said. "He wants to do the show at 5."

"So one — we have no guarantee he’s going to show up, period. And we’ve kind of already rearranged our schedule on his behalf to save the economy, right?" Letterman continued. "I just don’t know if we can trust him. And by the way, I don’t need to remind you that the road to the White House runs right through here."

What do you think? Should McCain return to Letterman's show?