On Wednesday's Late Show with David Letterman, Sen. John McCain dropped a bombshell: "The last time we were on this program... you asked me if I would come back on this show if I was going to announce," the Republican told Dave. "I am announcing that I will be a candidate for president of the United States." McCain added that his formal announcement would come in April.

Letterman went on to ask the senator if he would contemplate being veep, to which the politico responded, "In the last election, there was some conversation about me being vice president. I said, 'You know, I spent all those years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, kept in the dark, fed scraps.... Why the heck would I want to do that all over again?'" Hmm, if the POTUS thing doesn't work out, maybe McCain is Conan's successor?

Thursday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner.